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Bliv aktiv i SuG

Er du interesseret i at bidrage, så meld dig ind i SuG. Din indsats gør en forskel!

Vedvarende energi: Seminar

16. september 2017

Seminar”Best Practices – Way Forward”

Venue: Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy, Kammergårdsvej 16, DK 7760 Hurup Thy

Saturday, September 16, 2017 – from 10:00 a.m to 04.00 p.m.

Programme: refreshments

Welcome by Jane Kruse, Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy, NFRE, director

New Politics for Biomass in Uganda, Jørgen Løgstrup, leader of the Biomass development programme in cooperation with the Uganda's Government

Best Practices – Technology Transfer by Daniele Pagani, engineer, NFRE

Renewable Energy & Climate Change Mitigation – Findings & Recommendations from nine districts of Uganda – report from a 4 year CISU project, by Ntege Edrisa, JEEP Uganda and project coordinator Lene Høgh, NFRE

Experience from work as a volunteer in Uganda by Philipp Wienecke, ARTEFACT, Germany


Solar Energy – ”Lighting Africa” - lamps and installations by Helle Pasgaard, ENIIG Mini Grids for Local Communities by AAU Students

A solar generator/AC without storage by Anker Mardal , NFRE LED light to save on energy by Jan Harry Frederiksen, NFRE

Lunch break

The GLOW Stove, development and entrepreneurship by Markus Espeter, Germany

News from – Senegal – Adult education
Tanzania – Employment of Youth, by Erasto M. Kishula & Morsø Development Ass. Mali and Burkina Faso – Solar Energy for Local Communities, NFRE

Exhibitions and guided tour of the Folkecenter

Sign up: dp@folkecenter.dk or on www.folkecenterevents.net Telephone 97956600 Daniele Pagani

before Wednesday 13th September 12.00.

Coffee/tea/soft drinks + vegetarian lunch DKK 100. Tickets can be purchased on www.folkecenterevents.net. Alternatively, it is possible to purchase them also at the event, either with cash or with mobile pay.
The seminar is sponsored by Nordic Folkecenter and CISU, Civil Society in Development.

Organizes at Nordic Folkecenter together with, Morsø U-Landsforening