Environmental Restoration and Food Security in the Bidi Bidi Refugee Settlement, Uganda (ERFBB)
Miljø Uganda





Long term objective

Reduce the environmental degradation and develop a methodology, which can be used in similar areas and situations

Short term objectives

  1. Reduce the use of firewood by introducing more sustainable energy technics, energy saving stoves, solar stoves and biogas
  2. Reforestation in the project area and Increase the food production
  3. Advocate for the methodology to leaders of relevant institutions and organisations

Expected results

  1. 50% of the families in the project area have built energy saving stoves, are using homemade briquettes or are taking advantage of solar stoves or biogas
  2. 50% of the families have planted trees around their houses and at the fields where they grow vegetables.
  3. All Farmer Field Learning Groups have planted trees on their fields.
  4. All farmers have intensified the growing of vegetables and basic food
  5. The relevant leaders have decided to use the methodology in order to reduce the environmental degradation in areas with similar challenges

Training will be in

  • Tree nurseries
  • Tree planting (mainly fruit trees around the personal household plots, at the area cultivated by the farmer field groups. Wood logs with fast growing trees at the host community land)
  • Energy saving stoves and basket cooker/flask. Lorena and Shielded Fire Stoves, which can produced locally.
  • Solar Stoves construction
  • Briquette making
  • Food security, especially growing of vegetables. Organic farming, breading of small animals, nutrition, storage. Family Planning, Formation of Farming Field Learning Groups ( FFLG ).
  • Biogas installations e.g. at schools, health centres should be considered. Not an alternative at household level as they are living in small “isolated” households without animals.
  • The training will include 30 members from each village in Zone 1
  • Greenhouses will be made available to the farmer field groups. Eventually also to the FFLGs.


Around 300 TOT’s have been trained and a demonstration centre has been opened in Zine 1


DRC (Danish Refugee Council) and DCA (Danish Church Aid)

UNHCR, DCT, DCA. Comments are not needed.


CIDI Community Integrated Development Initiative, which is a very competent NGO with long experience within the field.

Granted: DKK 486.000