Environmental Restoration and Food Security in the Bidi Bidi Refugee Settlement, Uganda (ERFBB)
Miljø Uganda





Overordnede mål

To create high public awareness and adoption of methodologies that can reduce environmental degradation and promote sustainable livelihood in Bidi Bidi Refugee Settlement and the host communities in North Western Uganda


Umiddelbare mål

  1. To strengthen the capacities of refugees and surrounding communities in sustainable environmental livelihood and business skills for food security and income generation. 2. To strengthen the 14 community groups into strong community based organisations that sustainably manage their affairs and spearhead development initiatives in the community. 3. To build advocacy capacities of the 14 groups to engage leaders / duty bearers from OPM, UNHCR and the livelihood sector working group on environment and development issues that are responsive to their needs and to develop a model, based on the outcomes of the project, which can be used in other refugee settlements and camps.



The primary target groups are: A. Refugees from the 6 villages in Zone 3 and farmers living in the community will be invited to participate in the training sessions around Sustainable Energy, Tree Planting and Food Security. 14 mixed groups with each 30 participants: from the settlement 20 and 10 from the surrounding community. The majority will be women and a preference will be given to settlers who haven’t taken advantage of other CSO financed projects. In total around 4200 persons The secondary target groups are: A. Families living in Zone 3 in the refugee settlement. Max 64.000, 54 % female. All refugees from Southern Sudan B. The families of the participating community members living in zone 3. Minimum 1.400. Some have made land available for the project already. C. Local leaders from the surrounding sub-counties and district D. Leaders working with refugees in Bidi Bidi and other refugee settlements in Uganda E. Other NGOs working in similar projects in the refugee settlements F. Refugees in the other zones in Bidi Bidi.


Budget: DKK 966.606

Funder: CISU