Bukedea Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience Project, Uganda

Bukedea Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience Project, Uganda


The project benefits 360 poor climate vulnerable households 2,160 people) in the drought and floods prone sub counties of Kamutur, Aminit, and Kabarwa in Bukedea district of Uganda. Those are empowered with capacity in climate change adaptation awareness, knowledge and practice by February 2025. They are organized in 18 formal gender-inclusive EC3-Vulnerable groups[1]. The groups spearhead promotion of community-led initiatives on climate change adaptation. The priority target sectors are; agriculture, water, land and wetlands resource management. The groups jointly run annual plans with clear initiatives undertaken with local community. Those initiatives are boosted by the functional VSLAs( Village Savings and Loans Associations) they run.



The EC3 groups have built capacity and are promoting adoption of climate smart solutions and practices among themselves for improved climate change adaptation and resilience in the priority sectors mentioned. They have strengthened advocacy capacity in participartory identification of climate change issues and action planning, climate change adaptation stakeholder mapping, and climate change issues presentation. They actively engage in promotion of grassroots advocacy initiatives on climate change rights awareness, adaptation knowledge, and resilience. Key engagement are with local leaders and relevant stakeholders – public, civil society and private sector players. Consequently, there is enhanced regulation, planning, resourcing (financing) and practice.


Funding CISU

Grant amount: 1.506.987

Project period: 1.5.2023-28.2.2025



Networking among CSOs


[1]EC3-Vulnerable groups refers to “Environmental Conservation and Climate Change Vulnerable groups”