Reduction and empowerment of young female dropouts in Soroti District, Uganda
Kvinders rettigheder Uganda

Opdatering januar 2021:

CISU has granted three months’ prolongation of the project because of Covid 19, and we are working on an application for a phase II (2 more years).

Uddybning af projektets formål

Long term objective

To promote girl child retention in school and reduce the societal as well as human consequences of female dropouts in selected villages through goal-oriented programmes including character building and vocational training, so that the girls involved in the project may become role-models for other girls.

Short term objectives

  1. To generate an environment enabling discussion and dialogue among the duty bearers and consequently empower the community to obtain the political objectives of reducing the rate of female dropouts.
  2. To equip 100 girls involved in this project with the necessary and relevant education and skills to make them strong, independent and self-supporting individuals who can serve as good role-models and endow them with social respect and acceptance.

Expected outputs

Schools and communities in the area are actively working to create awareness of girl child rights. Teenage mothers and other dropouts are receiving psycho-social support and sexual education. Those who want to go back to school are helped to do so, others are trained and equipped with vocational skills. They are supported with a start-up capital, trained in financial literacy and basic financial management and helped to start their own small businesses. In the end they will earn social respect and acceptance.


School-community advocacy groups will be established to promote girl child rights and protect against teenage pregnancies and dropouts. Teachers will be trained to be able to give psycho-social support and sex education. The girls will be trained in vocational skills and basic financial management.


The project will be implemented by a local NGO, Community Integrated Development Initiatives (CIDI).


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